Tagamet is From Ohio

Dr. Graham John Durant discovered the H2 receptor class of drugs, including Tagamet®, which inhibit the production of stomach acid.

Durant was born in Newport, England in 1934. He relocated to Ohio as the founding director of the University of Toledo's Center for Drug Design and Development in 1987. It was here that his work with the H2 receptor class of drugs led to the discovery of cimetidine, which inhibits the production of stomach acid. Cimetidine is known by the brand name of Tagamet. Cimetidine inhibits the action of histamine in creating gastric acid in the stomach.  It is used to treat ulcers and acid reflux.

Did You Know?

  • Dr. Durant was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1990.
  • Cimetidine was approved by the FDA in 1977 and came off patent May 17, 1994.
  • In September 1993, an FDA committee declined permission to market this drug without prescription.
  • The FDA changed its mind and on March 29, 1995, approved a lower strength dosage form for over the counter (OTC) use. The OTC formulation was named "Tagamet HB."

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