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Heartland Science takes you on a journey that begins with the geological history of Ohio-the original cornerstone of Ohio's economy, and continues to the frontiers of knowledge - the future of Ohio's economy. You will be limited only by your curiosity and the mind's eye. By understanding Ohio's legacy of discovery and innovation, you will learn how Ohioans have changed the world through science and technology.

The rest of the story needs to be told. This project will demonstrate the broad scope and ever-expanding significance of Ohio's worldwide contributions to science, engineering, and technology by recognizing and interpreting the achievements of the State's citizens, institutions, organizations, and corporations, and by stimulating curiosity and increasing understanding of these scientific discoveries and innovations. The project will stimulate in all Ohioans a greater curiosity, interest, appreciation, and understanding of Ohio's rich heritage in science, engineering, and technology and what it means to them.

It is hoped that this site will instill an appreciation of the roles that scientists, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs have played in their communities. Here, for the first time, and in one place, is recorded and interpreted the stories or episodes of significant discovery, notable discoverers, and scientifically significant sites and localities. The primary legacy of this project will be an educated school-age population and members of the public who will be better able to make informed choices on science and technology related public policy matters and issues that affect them daily as healthy citizens, wise consumers and lifelong learners.

Heartland Science was produced by The Ohio Academy of Science in cooperation with The Ohio Bicentennial Commission. 


A Legacy Grant to The Ohio Academy of Science from The Ohio Bicentennial Commission supported website development. We also acknowledge the work of technical writers Mr. Michael Woods and Ms. Joanne Van Voorhis. Dr. Allen G. Noble and Mr. Rudy R. Christian wrote the section on barns, and provided many of the illustrations. 

We especially thank the many peers who volunteered to review this site. Their comments and advice were invaluable.

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