Acknowledgement of Heartland Science Reviewers

The Ohio Academy of Science acknowledges the volunteer reviewers below whose advice, comments and corrections to an earlier draft of enabled us to correct errors and to clarify the text and illustrations. Names of individuals listed here are for acknowledgement only; they do not endorse the site or vouch for its accuracy.

Dr. Robert Baumiller, Cincinnati OH
Mr. Adam R. Baxter, Dickinson TX
Mr. David Brendalen, Springfield OH
Mr. C. Scott Brockman, Columbus OH
Dr. John Burnham, Columbus OH
Mr. Scott D. Carney, Toledo OH
Mr. Ronnie E. Cooper, Dayton OH
Dr. Susan J. Cramer, Grove City PA
Ms. Jodi E. Creasap, Geneva NY
Dr. Rebecca Evans, Cincinnati OH
Ms. Nanda Filkin, Athens OH
Dr. Miles Free, Brecksville OH
Mrs. Phyllis Frysinger, Springfield OH
Dr. Mary Gahbauer, Westerville OH
Dr. Philip A. Geis, Cincinnati OH
Dr. Karen M. Gil, Akron OH
Mr. R. Lynn Gilliland, Defiance OH
Dr. Donald A. Godfrey, Toledo OH
Dr. Kort M. Gronbach, Cincinnati OH
Mr. Thomas A. Groshong, Fredericktown OH
Mrs. Tara L. Grove, Westerville OH
Mr. Dietrich Gudzent, Mt Pleasant OH
Dr. Prudence J. Hall, Hiram OH
Dr. Charles E. Herdendorf, Sheffield Village OH
Ms. Marcia A. Hintz, Grand Rapids OH
Dr. Alfredo J. Huerta, Oxford OH
Ms. Kerry L. Hughes, Columbus OH
Mrs. Lois Ivanc, Euclid OH
Dr. Louis Iverson, Delaware OH
Dr. David M. Jarzen, Gainesville FL
Dr. Douglas D. Kane, Columbus OH
Dr. Mark Kinsler, Lancaster OH
Dr. Mark A. Kleffner, Lima OH
Dr. John R. Kramer, Gates Mills OH
Ms. Stephanie Larrick, Hiram OH
Mr. Ross Carson Larue, Groveport OH
Mr. Dennis Frank Lasanen, Defiance OH
Ms. Rachel E. Libertin, N Canton OH
Dr. Leslie Sue Lieberman, Orlando FL
Dr. Ernest L. Lippert, Toledo OH
Dr. Maura Mackowski, Gilbert AZ
Mr. Vincent J. Marchese, Huntington WV
Dr. Scott M. Martin, Columbus OH
Dr. Richard McNeely, Columbus OH
Mr. Tom W. Minor, Dayton OH
Mr. Daniel Allen Mutigli, Minerva OH
Mr. Alan Ratcliff, WPAFB OH
Dr. Gwynne Stoner Rife, Findlay OH
Mr. Louis Mark Rifici, Highland Hills OH
Mr. Andrew Sauer, Miamisburg OH
Dr. Thomas Schmidlin, Kent OH
Prof. Paul Shewmon, Columbus OH
Dr. Doris Simonis, Kent OH
Ms. Ayusa Sinha, Proctorville OH
Mrs. Angela Smith, Columbus OH
Dr. Diana-Marie Spillman, Oxford OH
Dr. Kay E. Strong, Huron OH
Dr. Peter J. Torvik, Xenia OH
Dr. A. Bowdoin Van Riper, Marietta GA
Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice, Columbus OH
Dr. Andrew M. White, University Hts OH
Mrs. Marsha Williams, Columbus OH
Mr. Rudy James Wojtecki, Mantua OH
Mr. Daniel A. Yaussy, Delaware OH