Your Honest Weight? From Toledo

In 1898, Allen DeVilbiss, Jr., developed a new scale that was springless and "automatic." He manufactured the scales, which for the first time incorporated a pendulum to indicate weight. In 1901 he sold his patents to the Toledo Scale and Cash Register Company, which later became the Toledo Scale Company. Within a decade, the company had sold 75,000+ scales and opened branch sales offices in fifty U.S. cities.  It became the world leading manufacturer of automatic scales and precision weighing instruments.

Toledo Scale was not only known for making a reliable and accurate product, but also for offering a service organization to keep them accurate.  Henry Theobald, founder of Toledo Scale, understood that maintaining the Toledo Scale was as important as building it in the first place.  The reputation for quality would only be maintained if the product was properly maintained as well.  He said, "We are not obligated to make more scales, but we are morally obligated to maintain the scales that we have built." As far back as 1908, Toledo Scale not only had integrated service facilities in the factory, but also established a training program for employees to service Toledo Scales on site.

Did You Know?

  • Toledo Scale used the logo "Honest Weight" to emphasize the accuracy of its products.
  • Henry Theobald, founder of the Toledo Scale Company was previously a general manager of the National Cash Register Company.
  • In 1989, Mettler acquired the Toledo Scale Corporation. The combination of these two industry leaders was the birth of Mettler-Toledo.