"Cover the Earth" Started in Ohio

Henry Sherwin, a Vermont native, and Ed Williams, of Kent, Ohio, formed a partnership in Cleveland in the 1870s that would revolutionize the use of paint. The Sherwin-Williams Company contributed much to paint manufacture and customer usage.  They developed resealable paint cans in 1877 and developed "ready-mix" paint in 1878. The company also adopted the famous paint to "Cover the Earth" logo in 1905, and remains a major manufacturer of paints and coatings. Sherwin-Williams Company is now the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, and also holds a strong international market share.

The company recently opened its Center of Excellence -- a historical facility that outlines the history of Sherwin-Williams. 

Did You Know?

  • School buses are yellow in part because of Sherwin-Williams Company. In 1939 a Sherwin-Williams color consultant, Harry Scheid, was called upon to attend a Columbia University conference that focused on bus construction.  The resulting discussion identified yellow as the best color for buses because it would be visable in early morning, or dim light, when children might be waiting at bus stops.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is protected by Sherwin-Williams. Repainting last began in 1997 and is now part of a maintenance routine preserving the bridge 365 days a year.

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