Knowing if and when, let alone how, to repair or replace barn siding is often beyond the scope of the barn's steward. Some basic understanding of what to look for can be an important part of knowing when to call the carpenter of choice. Failing paint on wooden barn siding is rarely more than a cosmetic issue. This is because painting a barn usually involves little if any caulk due to the limited number of trimmed openings and the fact that sealing a barn against moisture transfer is not common. Rather, barns are normally designed to allow outside and inside air to move back and forth freely to aid in removing the moisture produced by livestock and feed. The one exception to failing paint being of little significance to maintenance is when paint begins to fail in a specific area, while the surrounding areas seem fine. This may indicate a leak is allowing water to find its way into the barn and the siding is getting wet from inside. This should be investigated and the problem remedied immediately.