From Greenbacks to Lexis-Nexis

Information and its communication are the currency of the new economy. Armed with information and the ability to control and communicate it, governments, industry and the lay citizen can affect the world. Information is an equalizer politically and economically. And what one doesn’t know can be harmful, especially in relation to health care. The general technological shift away from the analog world to the digital realm is nowhere more apparent than this website itself that has captured and displayed historical accomplishments digitally as virtual text and images. Organization, storage, retrieval and communication of information are critical functions of any organization; indeed, organisms themselves, including the human body, depend on the codes embedded in DNA for their function and future.

Ohioans have made their marks in information and communication technologies and systems whether it’s the home delivery of mail, the selection of a book at the local community library, the pricing of goods at the supermarket, the control of manufacturing processes and equipment or the instantaneous, worldwide sharing of information on the internet.

ohio communications history

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